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Oh my...those last couple of sentences are killing me and possibly the cats too!!

Always love to see your stuff and read what you have to say!

Have a great day~
Mindy Wilson

Alright, that's just not fair! Can't wait to hear what it is...I love "official business" stuff!

"My life is mundane and yet miracles surround me everyday." I love that sentence. It's a lovely reminder to us all.

Love your post. Love your work. And you are a tease! I love cats, please let them out of them bag! ;)

I've always set impossibly high expectations for myself. I once had a life coach convince me to create a more reasonable list of goals...worst idea ever. They didn't motivate me at all. Went back to my old ways. My expectations might be impossible, but they drive me, and I know going in that I'll never accomplish them all, but I'm ok with that! :)

This post stunned me...it's absolutely brilliant...I loved it so much I told many friends about it a little while ago...now I not only love your art...but will be reading your blog more than ever...it is spetacular what you wrote about being flawed and lovely..and about miracles and the mundane. Wow. It really touched me...

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