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Welcome back, I'm glad you're feeling better! As if having the flu weren't bad enough, you had an ear infection too! I'd say that "no fun" is an understatement!

Glad you're feeling better, poor thing.
This is an adorable illustration and looks just like a couple of little girls I know. ;o)
Love the bright colors you used!

Glad you're on the mend, Heather!

Yay for feeling better! Ear infections are the worst and to have flu at the same time? Ugh. Sending healing thoughts your way. I love that print too, reminds of summer time when there's never any fog!

Oh, what beautiful rich color in your fine print. I suffered the worst cold this month. It was hovering for three weeks! I totally understand how you feel and am so glad you are back! I thought I may have worn out the path from my browser to your blog by checking it so frequent!

...something went in the mail to you :)

love the perspective and angle, the colors are lovely too. great piece

Congratulations! looks like a lovely assignment and you're doing a wonderful job.

A really lovely illustration... the colors work so well together. Congrats on your new SCBWI job!

Are you REALLY better yet? You are hiding!

Sending hugs, vitamins, tissues, chicken soup and all my get well wishes....

Mindy Wilson

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