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ohhhh....i love color! is that cloth that you are using for your palette? great ideas!

So beautiful! When I first saw the picture I thought they were velvet ribbons. Lovely! I want to try some of these color-mixing projects. What kind of polymer clay do you like the best?

Hi Kelly - those are polymer clay, just rolled out and folded over awaiting my magic!

Laine - I use premo. It's the best quality, IMO!!!

I love the colors! Your beads are so beautiful...very organic! Do you keep a color mixing record of all the colors you like?

Pretty pretty pretty!!

Hi Doreen,
Thanks, actually I don't keep a record. I just mix until it's the color I want. which is why practice does make perfect! I'm actually just not that orgazined!!! :)

I just read your post about using Premo. I've been claying all day today and am very frustrated! I was using Premo white and Premo translucent with bleach. I don't know what I did wrong, but the white (even after leaching) just seemed like mush and reduced really fast while the translucent with bleach was like a rock and didn't want to reduce! Canes rested and everything. I may change to Kato!

Oooh...that just makes me want to reach in there and start kneading a pretty pile of clay!

Your colors are gorgeous...makes me want to get my pasta machine out and start kneading away!

You know, at first glance I thought those were satin ribbons.

At a quick glance I thought they were silk like material. When I read they were clay, I was like 'how cool!'

I just made a blog to record my own efforts in polymer clay. I then searched for other polymer clay blogs and this one came up. I really love your color palette and the soft nature-inspired feel of your work. I hope someday my own work will have such a strong voice of its own.

wow, this looks amazing Heather. I first thought it was fabric.

Great beads ! I use glass but have tried polymer and never did get to that level, more like something the kids left laying around.

I have tried using a color wheel but I guess Im soo color inept that it doesnt seem to help.

Supercool dragonfly !

what beautiful colors!

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