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Great post Heather! I'm also finding that doing one thing at a time works better for me.

The main goal is to make a living wage and to balance my family life with work. It's hard to stop working, but having a set number of tasks for each day has been very helpful.


Enjoy the weekend!

:-) Anastasia

Thank you for sharing your thought process, Heather. It is very interesting to me to see how other crafters do things. I have yet to feel ready to make crafts a business beyond selling the odd doll on ebay. It seems enourmously daunting, but I don't know how much longer I can do this 9-5 business! Any posters or prints up for sale yet? (hint, hint!)

Thanks for this wonderful post, Heather. It speaks to exactly the same issues I'm struggling with in my creative business at the moment. I'm going to check out those two books. I've also suspected that I need more structure, but have struggled to put that in place and stick with it and not get distracted away from that by other things.

Lots of good advice here (even though it's not written that way) and food for thought. Thanks again!

This sounds like a great way to approach things, Heather!

great blog and interesting post...sounds like you have a full plate ;) personally, I've never quite figured the balance thing out, LOL

I just stumbled onto your site- great job! I smiled when I read your review & comments on "Crafting as a Buisness". The book had the same impact on me, as well! LOL In fact I JUST sent a copy to my sister who has started a photography buisness.

LOVE your work and your website. Keep up the good work!

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