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I love your new drawings for the pendants.
Great links you found for getting you started. Now I want to pull out my soldering box and get busy on Christmas pendants with vintage pictures. You are a very clever daughter!!
Love Mom

Thanks so much for this, Heather! Your pendants are beautiful and I have had the supplies for making these for months. I did make one, but I need a lot more practice with the soldering iron ... and didn't realize how yucky the fumes would be, too. Anyway, there really is an art to holding the solder and the iron and applying just the right 'flow,' (though they're not supposed to look 'perfect,' that's the whole charm of them). You've just inspired me to get back to them and make some more. Thanks for the links, too ... I think that's just where I got my microscope slides, in fact. I look forward to checking out Sally Jean and the other instructional links, too.

Good luck with the gallery! I hope they buy up your whole batch.

Aren't these fun to make? Thanks for the link to microscope slides at an awesome price!

These are lovely, and aren't they fun to make? I've been making ornaments for a few years, and have made a few pendants here and there. Something that adds even more dimension is to stamp the slide with StazOn and then have the background showing through. My best friend is a chemistry teacher, and she didn't even realize these were slides until I told her!

Such beautiful jewelery! I really love the colors!

Wow, it looks like what you would find if you opened a treasure chest at the bottom of a blue lagoon. Beautiful work!

I am thinking to make some of these for gifts and ornaments this Christmas, and I am so glad that I found someone who has experience with it to ask this question -- what about the soldering iron? Were you happy with yours? I have seen such a range of prices. I don't want to spend more than necessary, but I also don't want to sabotage my efforts with poor-quality tools. May I benefit from your experience?


Great post. Thank you for sharing. Have a great and reflective day.

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