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We'll be watching!

Hey, I like this new illustration. Are you bumping up your color saturation these days? Nice texture in the walls too.

Can't wait to see you on HGTV. We're all gonna take our lunch break at home so we can watch. Way too much fun!!!

You will be GREAT! Don't worry, I hear they prompt everyone to act silly!

You did a great job! I enjoyed your segment. I have never seen one of those kilns before, did you make it? Your pieces are beautiful.

You're such a rock star!!! That was a GREAT 2-part segment - I was thrilled to get to see you work in both bead/jewelry making and printmaking!! What fun!! You did a great job and you came across as the sweet, professional, talented, beautiful artist and mom that you are!! I hope this brings you much deserved attention and acclaim. Awesome job!

I saw your segment this afternoon and I thought you did a great job! I particularly enjoyed it because I hope to start working with PMC soon, and I've been thinking about how much of an investment I will need to make. It was good to see that the small kiln that you used was adequate. Have you ever made a ring or large pendant (of mostly silver) using it? I liked the shots of you placing the slices on the bead, because that lets me see how very thin they need to be. I enjoyed watching the printmaking spot, too, and seeing you with your children, and hearing you talk about your mom. Be proud -- I think you came across as creative, knowledgable, and a beautiful person!

Congratulations! It couldn't happen to anyone nicer or more talented!

The show was wonderful, Heather - and you were hardly too goofy! You came across as the talented artist you are. I enjoyed it very much!!!

Rich and beautiful color! Nice work, so very nice.

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