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My draw dropped when I saw this one (and I think a little gasp came out to). SO beautiful, wow!!

I'm not making any progress on the squirrel pillow. I may have to send you just the embroidery and you can have your way with it.
Let me know if your interested!!

I love your style and the colors you use.

beautiful work!

Fabulous, Heather. What a great piece!

Why do girls fall in love with donkeys? Easy! Because they're not Elephants! (LOL, sorry! Couldn't resist the politics!) Your illo is very, very beautiful! Your donkey answers the question anyway. It's those beautiful, soulful eyes!

Beautiful illustration ! A style that really stands out.

Love this

WOW! I love this.

WOW really really beautiful!!!

I know exactly which poster you're talking about. (David showed it in NY.) I think you're interpretation is just as inspired. Beautiful job!

Oh, and thanks for the kind note about the portfolio review. I already know I have some weak pieces and all, but I'm really doing it to have done it. I'm a little relieved that I'm not showing to an AD yet. :) See you Saturday!

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