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Yeah...He's my HERO..strength in service and humility! This is so tender and beautiful. I appreciate your sharing it with us all!

"....from the ends of the earth , to the depths of the valley, to the highest mountain and i will proclaim - to the ends of time....and i'll give jesus glory that fits for His name....and i'll give Him honor that fits for a King and i will sing of His matchless works...."

I was touched by your post and illustration. Beautiful!

He's my hero too! Great illo.

Beautiful. Your style is great, and I like the colors.

Great post and beautiful illustration.

thanks for the sweet comments!

I love your style, as always. And I always love to hear what people are thinking when they create. Thanks for that, too.

heather! this is so awesome! and the best interpretation of the theme, "hero" :) who better to illustrate? :) have a nice week!

Hi Heather, I couldn't just lurk in and out while I read this. Jesus is also my hero, just wanted to stand up with you and say it.


...btw I've been visiting your blog for some time now and always come away feeling encouraged by it, thanks for that.


thanks girls for encouraging me this week! I appreciate all of your comments.

Beautiful. I love that story.

I always love your artwork. There is NO ONE more heroic than our Lord.
I love the story about the children. Whenever I am at work (retail) assisting a parent who has impatient cranky children I always think of this story and it gives me patience

Beautiful illustration and perfect choice for the theme. He is a Hero, and so much more... :)

Thank you Garth, Jamie and Carolyn!

I like this...and your illustration was very touching. If only more people tried to act like Jesus.

this is beautiful. Jesus is my hero as well. perfect in every way :)

I love your illustration of Jesus.
Just lovely.

Wow. How true everything you wrote is. I agree 100%I love your comments, the beautiful illustration, and the way you show that love in words and art. Keep creating!

I am a late commenter, but I want to say thank you for a beautiful post. He's my hero too and for exactly the same reason. His humility was his greatest strength. Blessings!

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