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I love seeing others' work spaces. I love all the light you get in that room. My studio is in the basement with windows in deep window wells... ahh, someday to be able to look outside...

Here I am, Here I am! Shoot , I may have to come over there in person to keep you in check. (that's so I can actually work in your new space,though! haha)
Looks terrific, Heather!

Wow! It's so spacious! And lots of nice, natural light too. How exciting!

Garth, after 3 years at my kitchen table, I'm so happy to have a space to work in! Now we know why your work is so humorous, you are trying to cope with the dungeon studio!
Roz, anytime, anytime! bring your felt and I'll give you a corner of my desk.
Thanks Jenny, I love opening all the windows and letting the breeze blow and sun shine in!

Great space, Heather! I'll bet you AND the girls will really enjoy this room. I love that you have kind of an "office-type" desk; me too. All that metal is great for magnets! :-P

I love your studio, Heather! All that light and all those tables! It's a dream come true!! :-)

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