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Excellent post, Heather. Thanks for sharing your critique with us. Helps all of us!
Oh by the way...BRING IT ON!

That was a great read, Heather, thanks!

Outstanding finally getting your book together! Your inspiring me to get working on my own book idea, which I have been putting off for months now.

Thanks also for the link on doing book dummies. The more info the better!

Hi Heather,
Thanks so much for leaving the comment about using plexi-glass as an inking plate.I think hubby has a piece out in the garage. I'm going to go look for it! I chipped one of our dinner plates the other day so that's what I've been using.

Wonder what ink you use. Is it oil or water based? If it's water, do you add an extender. I'm finding this speedball ink dries real quick on the brayer.

Love your site. Your work is just wonderful. I'm a fan!

Thanks again,


Learning is such a long process and with time comes the knowledge we seek. it has been such a joy as your Mom to watch you grow in your work. You are truely a blessing to your children and those around you who learn from your sharing.

You go Heather! It sounds as if this past year has been a true growth year for you. Can't wait to see these sketches!

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