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Are you charging her a licensing fee?!

Just KIDDING!!! :-P

Actually we discussed royalty fees. *grin*
I was thrilled that Heather let me play with her illustrations. I love her work. Being Mom does have it's avantages.
Bev aka the Mom

She'll probably pay me in beads! Or pendants because I just love these little things too much!

You're a genius mom.

They really are lovely. Those genius genes are apparent. :-)

What a neat idea. You're right, that's going to be so cool to have for your cruise conference!

What a fun idea! You must be so pleased!


How awesome! What a talented Mom!

Love your bead stuff - do you know about the Houston Bead Show every November? It's a kick! Looking forward to seeing your logo. I'm working on a logo this weekend too!
;~) Sharon

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